I had forgotten what it felt like to be pregnant. I am pretty sure God does that intentionally; otherwise every mother would shut down the baby-making factory after having one kid. I remember all the joys of pregnancy – the feeling of those tiny feet kicking, the excitement of picking out a name and preparing the nursery – yet I rarely think about all the other stuff I went through during those 40 weeks. But sure enough, the nausea, exhaustion and growing pains all came screaming back to me once I realized I was pregnant; and I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

“There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation.”
– Pamela S. Nadav

A few of my fellow pregnant friends recently shared that quote on social media, and reading it brought an instant smile to my face. Yes, pregnancy comes at a cost, but the result is something far more precious and priceless than anything else in the world. The ability to grow another human inside your own body isn’t something to try and wrap your head around, but more importantly, something to be embraced by the heart. In a world where so many couples struggle with infertility, I am grateful for the blessing growing inside me.

Being a mother has been the most rewarding job I could ever imagine, and as quickly as time goes by, I started to miss those precious moments of discovery every child experiences. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I discovered I was pregnant.

Although I found out early one morning before work, I waited until the evening to share the news with Chris. That’s not really the kind of thing I wanted to throw at him as he was heading out the door to work.

“Bye, honey. Have a good day. Oh by the way, I’m pregnant!”

That day was a particularly busy day at work. I spent the entire day helping to conduct video shoots all over campus in the heat of July. I kept thinking to myself, “I am pregnant and all these people around me have NO idea!” The thought of it made me smile and gave me the energy boost I needed to get through the day. I am pretty sure that is the last day I felt any ounce of energy.

After a highly productive day at work, I ran by the store to get what I needed to announce the news to Chris, and then headed to Ironclad boot camp class.

Yes, I went to boot camp before telling my husband I was pregnant. Don’t judge. I had a lot of anxious energy to burn!

During our 800m warm-up, I quietly whispered the news to our trainer. I wanted to make sure she knew so she could monitor me during the rigorous workouts we endure. After my third potty break during the workout, one of my classmates jokingly ran by me saying, “If you want to just quit, go ahead and admit it.”

I can’t blame him; I am usually pretty competitive.

Our trainer looked at me and we both just laughed. If only he knew!

After Ironclad, I drove home filled with excitement to share the news with Chris. Although Emma Claire didn’t know what was going on, I had her help me with the surprise.

“Daddy, I have the rest of your Father’s Day present for you! Do you want to come open it?”

Yes, I realize that Father’s Day was more than a month ago at that point, but EC and I never did finish the project we had started for him as part of his gift, so it seemed like a great excuse for me to show up at home with a random present.

Chris looked at my confused. I told him, “This gift was on special order, and it just took a while to arrive.”

Pretty ingenious, don’t you think?!

The present contained three separate Willow Tree figurines:
The first was a husband and wife.
The second was a young girl.
The third was a baby.

Side note: Of course they don’t sell a figurine that is just one baby. All I could find was a set of twins. TWINS?! I can’t even imagine. I put one in the gift and hid the other one in a drawer, hoping there was just one baby in my tummy.

While Emma Claire was clueless as to what it meant, Chris was ecstatic. “Really?!” he said as tears filled his eyes.

“Really,” I replied. “We are going to have another baby!”


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