This girl is my heartbeat.
She is my song.
She is everything I never knew I needed, and everything I can’t live without.
She is compassionate, competitive, creative and courageous.
This girl is strong.
She is kind.
She is bright—so incredibly bright.
This girl is adventurous.
She is amazing.
She is the perfect balance of grace and grit. This girl is optimistic, opinionated and oh-so-silly.
This girl is magical.
She is mighty.
But most importantly, this girl is mine.

These are the days. Days that are so full of joy and wonder. Days that are jam-packed with activities and homework and cartwheels. Days that move faster than this mama’s heart can handle. This girl changes more every day and oh how I wish I could slow time down.

Happy 8th birthday to my precious Emma Claire Louise. No matter how old you get, I hope you always know you have my hand to hold.

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