Last night we celebrated an answered prayer that was two years in the making, and it was a reminder that God’s timing is always perfect.

For two years, we have carried the weight of owning two houses. We felt so defeated when our house in Hattiesburg didn’t sell when we moved to Tuscaloosa. But God had a plan. He brought us renters that took good care of our house for 18 months.

And just as their lease was ending and we were preparing to put the house back on the market, we discovered a water leak in our Tuscaloosa house. Talk about an unfortunate coincidence. We thought the timing couldn’t have been worse. We were carrying the weight of two houses but living in a hotel. We were exhausted on every level—emotionally, physically, mentally. But all the while, God had a plan, and it was no coincidence.

It wasn’t a coincidence that God’s timing for us to begin to see the light after all this darkness and defeat happened during Holy Week.

It wasn’t a coincidence that one night during Holy Week I sat on a dirty dust-covered floor in our house crying over what felt like a dead house with some of our closest friends at our side.

It wasn’t a coincidence that I got a call from our realtor about an offer on the Hattiesburg house on Good Friday at exactly 3 p.m.—the moment that Jesus died on the cross.

It wasn’t a coincidence that the call of good news came 40 days after we discovered the water leak.

When it seemed like we’ve had nothing but Good Fridays for the past 40 days where things look and seem dead, our realtor’s call was a reminder from Him that our Sunday is coming. Though our house looks dead, God has planted seeds that are just waiting to be resurrected. And when the conditions are right, they will come ALIVE.

I have no doubt that He planted Jason, our plumber who we now consider a friend, in our house 18 months ago knowing a leak like this would happen again, and knowing that we would need a team to fix it. And through that relationship, He planted a flooring contractor, a painter and a CARPENTER (oh, the irony).

And now the conditions are starting to change. Closing the chapter on our Hattiesburg house eases the burden. The support from our family and friends reminds us that we are not in this alone. And those planted seeds hiding under the dormant surface are going to COME TO LIFE.

Our house will be transformed into a place where life happens. When we finally get to go back home, we will be better for all that we have gone through together.

Yes, God has reminded us that His timing is no coincidence. He has reminded us that our Sunday is coming. And it is going to change E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

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