I got to spend some time with my girls today while Chris was in Hattiesburg taking care of a few things. Here’s how I thought my day would go: I would take two very well-behaved children to go shopping at the kids shoe store and walk out with cute matching sandals for both girls. Then I’d let Ellie fall asleep in the Boba so she could nap while we painted pottery with pretty designs and perfect little handprints at All Fired Up.

Here’s how it really went down: We went to the kids shoe store where Ellie pulled every shoe off the shelves and screamed every time I tried to put a shoe on her foot while EC picked out some sandals that she promised she would wear only to end up telling me 30 minutes after we left the store that they hurt her feet and she couldn’t wear them anymore. I walked into the pottery place wearing Ellie the Sleeping Giant while helping EC pick out what she wanted to paint. Ten minutes later the giant awoke and I was sitting there with a bull in a china shop and a DIY perfectionist. We ended up with some pottery designed with something that might sort of resemble Ellie’s handprint if you squint your eyes enough and EC’s artwork that required every color in the store.

I’m pretty sure God sent Colleen Campbell and her girls to All Fired Up at the same time as us to save me from my sanity. That sweet friend of mine just keeps showing up in the right place at the right time.

I helped EC finish her artwork while Colleen made sure Ellie didn’t break every piece of pottery in the store. She then loaded up EC and her girls into her car to go home and play so I could come back to the apartment for a few minutes.

I walked upstairs with Ellie still in the carseat, put it in front of the tv, turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and handed her a cup of milk. Next thing I know, I am sitting on the kitchen floor quietly eating cold watermelon thanking God for this moment of silence and for the new friends He has put into my life.

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