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Most nights I wonder how I will make it. Tonight was an exception. Tonight, I felt like Superwoman. On my way to get EC from school I decided to take action to avoid the daily question of “What’s for dinner?” I ran into the grocery store, grabbed ingredients for chicken spaghetti, and managed to make it to daycare in time. And unlike most days, EC wasn’t the last kid to be picked up! #mommywin

While EC went outside to fish with Daddy (ok actually, she just wanted to play with the fake fishing worms), I prepped for dinner, started a load of laundry, and watered the flowers. And poured a glass of wine. Hey, don’t judge. I needed SOME sort of relaxation. I popped dinner in the oven, laid out clean pajamas while EC was in the shower, and did the dishes. And caught up on the latest episode of Revenge on the iPad. Something had to keep me entertained! I chopped up a few salad toppings, whipped up a jar of homemade salad dressing, and set up a “buffet style” dinner, plates and utensils.

There are many nights where I am so stressed or worn out that I shamefully feed my child cereal or PBJ. But not tonight. I convinced my picky eater to eat a healthy meal complete with veggies, grains and protein. When I told her we had plenty more she quickly replied, “I want more.” I asked what she wanted more of, and as she cleaned her plate she replied, “All of it!” #mommywin

I am so fortunate to have a husband who is actively involved in every aspect of our family life. Parenting is exhausting, and I am beyond blessed that Chris and I work as a team to take care of EC, do the household chores and tackle our to-do list. There have been plenty of days where he has seen the exhaustion in my eyes and has taken on my role so I could rest. I am grateful for the days where I feel energized enough to tackle it all and let him relax.

I felt like Superwoman on a mission tonight…until I actually sat down for the first time since getting home from work. Relaxation was my kryptonite. As I relished in the satisfaction of all that I had accomplished, I realized I was too exhausted to hang up my cape. Superwoman was super tired.

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