It’s 6:30 a.m. as I wash my tired face and pat cream over the bags under my eyes. I’m tiptoeing around the sink, trying not to wake the two tiny princesses sleeping on the other side of the curtain in our resort room. As I peek my head around the corner, I see an empty pack and play. It seems the littlest princess woke up while I was in the shower and is now snuggled up in bed next to her prince — the one she calls “dada.” They are both fast asleep.

I soak up the peace and quiet that fills the room as I replay the scene from last night in my head.

In this room just eight hours ago, there were uncontrollable giggles from those two tiny princesses as they climbed all over their prince like he was a prop in an obstacle course. The two princesses who had donned glittery dresses for an evening in Magic Kingdom were clad in the bare necessities — Ellie in a diaper and EC in a tank and leggings — yet there was still so much sparkle in the room.

As I watched them, I saw a glimpse into their future. As sisters, there will be many giggle-filled nights when it is way past their bedtime. There will be secrets they share and stories they tell only to each other. There will be times where they need each other more than they need me. There will be all the moments and all the reasons why God made them sisters. And for the first time, I realized that God didn’t just give those two tiny princesses to me as my daughters — He gave them to each other.

This timing of this realization is quite appropriate considering our adventures in Magic Kingdom last night.

In December 2014, we took our last trip as a family of three to Disney World. During a visit with Elsa and Anna in Magic Kingdom, Elsa helped us tell EC that she would have a baby sister — just like Elsa does — by giving her a pink snowflake. Fast forward nearly 13 months to last night when EC returned for a visit with Elsa and Anna to proudly show off her “little pink snowflake” sister. With EC dressed as Elsa and Ellie dressed as Anna, the picture below of the two pairs of sisters is the stuff Disney Magic is made of.



I know the presence of glitter may fade as those two tiny princesses get older, but I hope the sparkle of their sisterhood shines brightly forever.


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