Three days. That’s all we have left as a family of three. And I think for the very first time in my pregnancy, I am able to sit down and let that sink in. It is a surprisingly quiet moment in my house this morning. Chris is out running errands and Emma Claire is next door having a princess play date with our neighbors. I am sitting in the den with all the blinds open to let the beautiful sun shine in through the windows, and I realize this is the first – and likely last – quiet moment of my pregnancy. I am beyond grateful for this moment. I am grateful that Chris is back on his feet after enduring his knee injury/surgery/recovery and able to run errands for me. I am grateful to have such sweet neighbors that wanted Emma Claire to come play this morning. And I am so grateful that after 10 straight days of rain, the sun has resurfaced.

It is hard to believe that nearly 40 weeks have gone by since I found out I was pregnant. I was blessed with a truly healthy pregnancy that allowed me to remain active and tackle all the obstacles life threw my way. During this pregnancy I faced major changes, trained for a half marathon, took a trip to Disney World, moved into our new house, unpacked a million boxes (and yet the garage is still filled with more), took care of Chris after his surgery, set up a nursery, and made precious memories with Emma Claire as she prepared to be a big sister. It seems like I never slowed down. My second pregnancy seems so different than the first because I didn’t really have time to feel pregnant, which I guess can be a good thing because 40 weeks is a long time!

As we prepare to welcome Ellie into the world in just three days, I pray that God continues to give me the strength to endure the obstacles. There will be chaos. There will be tears. There will be extreme exhaustion. But all those crazy moments are worth it when you realize that God blessed you with the ability to create life out of love.

So yes, today, I am enjoying the peace and quiet. But in just three days, I will enjoy even more the chaos that can come with having two children as I witness the miracle of introducing our youngest daughter to her big sister.

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